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    Hey there, ive recently come into posesion of the Blackberry Bold 9000, and i was just wondering how on earth i send mp3 files from one phone to this?

    Whenever i try using the bluetooth it simply doesn't connect
    06-07-09 06:08 AM
  2. d1n_only's Avatar
    I will try and help.

    1) Go to Manage Connections>Set up Bluetooth (make sure bluetooth is on) and pair the 2 devices
    2) Now go to Media
    3) Here press the BB button and click on 'Receive Using Bluetooth'
    4) Send the mp3 from the other phone and you will be prompted about saving options on your BB Bold.

    If you want to send a mo3 from your BB Bold you have to locate the song then press the BB button and click 'Send Using Bluetooth'.

    I would say the Blackberries work more like a PC with bluetooth than a standard phone with bluetooth.
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    06-07-09 06:16 AM
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    Omg it worked!, thank you so much you have made my day xx
    06-07-09 06:48 AM
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    The same thing happened to me when I first got it. I know exactly how you feel! Have a good day celebrating!
    06-07-09 06:49 AM
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    Do i do the same thing for java game files?
    06-07-09 06:59 AM
  6. d1n_only's Avatar
    No. You will either need to install them through Desktop Manager or download them as in OTA. Are these java files on your PC? If so use Desktop Manager.

    And you see how I told you how to send/recieve mp3 files, you do the same for picture files but obviously go into the Pictures part rather than the Music part.
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    06-07-09 07:03 AM
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    Oh wow thanks . you have been most helpful xx
    06-07-09 07:24 AM