1. shava9865's Avatar
    All of sudden my phone is no longer recognizing my Sd card. I have tried many things to no avail. As of late it has been freezing and the password lock is not recognized. Also the keyboard has been acting a bit funky. For example, when I try to type "a," the output is "ua." All these things have happened very randomly over the past few weeks, though the lack of Sd card recognition has been consistent. Any thoughts on what could be going on? Note: The phone has not been dropped or damaged in any way.
    07-14-13 06:20 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Old age, humidity, OS/apps developed way beyond the capacity of the processor, SD failure, poltergeist (ok, maybe not the last one).

    Most of your issues point to humidity. A complete tear down and cleaning may be the solution.
    07-14-13 07:24 PM
  3. shava9865's Avatar
    Complete tear down? I feel that may potentially do more harm than good. I guess my upgrade is callin' me!
    07-14-13 09:21 PM

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