1. joeysayegh's Avatar
    the regular phantom skinz make the phone look cheap with the shiny look...has anyone tryed the matte look? how is it...reviews?
    06-09-10 05:05 PM
  2. slammer1's Avatar
    I had it on my Storm 2 for 2 weeks prior to getting my new Bold. I liked it, not as many smudge marks, I felt it was perfect for a touch screen device. That being said, I purchased the Phanton Skinz full body normal skin. The matte skin gives a different look as well, not good or bad just different.
    06-09-10 07:50 PM
  3. rkess's Avatar
    Just applied this to my Z10. First off, let me say that I intended to order the Ultra Clear screen protector but apparently went wrong in the ordering process... For the sake of science I went ahead and applied one of the 2 protectors that shipped in the package.

    Application was a simple process and the screen was on in a matter of minutes. There is a Youtube video for visual confirmation of the process if you deem it necessary. I did not.

    Fit and finish are top notch. Cut outs are where they need to be and it aligned nicely with the borders matching evenly on all sides. The feel is good and my finger easily slides over the screen with zero sticking and smudges are nonexistent, which may be the most impressive thing about this protector. Screen interaction does not seem to be hampered in any way by the Phantom Skin. If I were to nitpick I would say that there is a slight issue with the raised edges of the screen protector. Specifically at the bottom where my thumb initiates the up gesture (close out). My thumb was constantly rubbing this edge and being that this is one of the most prominently used gestures it became annoying rather quickly. I do believe that some competitors bevel the edges and this would solve this issue. But again, this is a minor nit pick.

    What is not a minor nit pick and what ultimately will lead to me removing this screen tomorrow is the look of the matte finish. The Z10's beautiful screen is one of my favorite attributes of this phone and this screen degrades it substantially. It darkens the display and inhibits color. It looks as though the phone is behind a silk screen and looking through it becomes quite tiring. Imagine the look of brushed aluminum with the many vertical lines and now make that transparent and place it over your phone.

    I know that a loss of screen brilliance is the cost utilizing a matte finish in order to gain feel and lose smudges. People that want this may have no issue at all, but I am not one those people. However, if you have no issues with the matte finish then I would say that this screen protector is a great product at a wonderful value considering two protectors are included in the price. I also believe that you can use the coupon code "getsocial" for a 20% discount through May 2013 to make them even more attractive.
    05-17-13 12:15 AM