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    I know there have been dates speculating about the 9900 for sprint/Verizon etc.
    But in Singapoore the one carrier that has it on its upcoming devices is M1. They have always released BB devices in Par with the US and it always lives up to the month announced on their site. Plus in singapore we have a vast amount of people using BB. Just thought of sharing this. I'm pretty sure Aug will be a good month

    07-27-11 12:54 PM
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    Actually, it would be the first time (if it happens) for a BB model to be released here around the same time as in the US. 1 or 2 years ago new models would lag by 4-6 months, and only until recently was the gap reduced to ~1 month.

    I'll be looking out for this one and comparing it to the iP5 to see which one suits my usage better.
    07-27-11 01:40 PM
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    Yeah definitely in the past it was lagging behind by months, but lately, with the playbook/torch/Bold it all has shown improvements. & with communicasia held here recently. I'm hoping they launch it in Aug asap. I need this..Good lord.
    07-27-11 02:38 PM
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    RIM needs to pay more attention to non-US customers Their US users are ditching Blackberry for Iphone and Android.. In other parts of the world like China and Southeast Asia the Blackberry is still one of the top phones..we in Asia deserve more.. RIM needs to better synchronize their hardware and application launches outside of USA. Information travels across the world real time through internet. I always find it frustrating when I read RIM launches something in the US (say Blackberry Travel application but me in China has to wait and wait and wait for it. ps. I am still waiting for Blackberry Travel application to be made available for download as at today..WTF is taking so long). My advice to RIM: you have lost your US market. Act to keep hour non-US customers before they too all jump to Iphone and Android

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    07-28-11 01:02 AM
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    Sgs2 was launched in se asia, before united states.
    Se and east asia, plus indis, is rim's major growth market now.
    Playbook launched this month in jakarta, dont know if it sell or not.

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    07-28-11 01:14 AM