1. wrrecked's Avatar
    Does palringo use SMS or data plan?
    06-08-09 05:06 PM
  2. Tronyx's Avatar
    Google is your friend. Found these right on the Palringo FAQ page:

    1. Will Palringo send SMS messages?

    Palringo connects through the internet and doesn't use any SMS messages. If you pay for data usage, such as on a mobile phone, check with your network operator for pricing information. We recommend getting an 'Unlimited' data plan if you will be using Palringo a lot.

    2. How does Palringo connect?

    Palringo connects over the internet and will not work through a proxy. If you are using Palringo on a mobile phone then it will only use the phones data connection, whether that be WiFi, GPRS or 3G (not WAP) for example, and does not send/receive any SMS messages.

    06-09-09 12:16 AM