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    I just made my second warranty claim on my 9780.
    First one ended up under me one night while I was sleeping.
    Woke up, it was very very hot.
    Meterberry showed battery at 117 degrees.
    Since then, battery would not hold a charge longer than 2-3 hours without use.
    Data would barely work if at all, for about 20 min after a battery pull.

    Got new one.
    Worked great for about 2 weeks.
    Driving my car, BB in my lap, 95 degrees outside, windows down.
    Picked up my phone when I got out of the car.
    Meterberry says 107 degrees.
    Now same issue.
    Battery does not last very long.
    Data connection very slow, at best, for about 20 min after a battery pull.

    Has anyone else seen overheating issues with their 9780?
    Curious if I should carry around a bag of ice with me. LOL
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    08-12-11 03:46 PM
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    Hey, I've had kind of the same problem as well, and here's some tips and suggestions that I think would help,

    1) Update your OS to the latest official OS, or the leaked .650 (which I find awesome.)
    Updating your OS can work wonders for the life of your battery. (Don't forget to do some battery pulls after a update!)

    2) Remove unwanted apps: keeping a lot of applications, just eats up memory. And apps like Whatsapp, which run in the background, can affect your battery's performance. So keep your phone clean as possible.

    3) Switch off location services: location services uses GPS to collect data of where you are, and eats up battery as well. Go to Options, Device Options, Location settings, and turn off location.

    4) IMPORTANT ONE! Keep your belovedberry out of direct sunlight. I've noticed that if I carry my phone in hand while walking outside, it used to heat up and start draining very badly. Keep your BB out of hot places and this should help.

    5) Check if your battery contacts are clean (those gold slots on your battery) usually when those contacts are dirty, batteries tend to heat up.

    Well I hope this will help

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    08-14-11 02:56 AM
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    And OH I forgot!! Batterylogging apps like meterberry,Battery watch etc....just ruin your battery life!!! Delete any logging/monitoring software of that sort and you'd see your phone lasting longer!!

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    08-14-11 02:58 AM
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    Mine used to get hot with stock os... Like mentioned above just upgrade your software...

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    08-15-11 02:05 AM
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    I started using my case again.
    I think that helps keep the heat of my leg when in my pocket,
    from being in direct contact with my phone.
    And I updated the OS.
    08-27-11 09:59 PM