1. mattpoll's Avatar
    Hi there.

    Just starting out with the Blackberry, moving over from years of Windows Mobile usage.

    I've got two questions today:

    1. What is the recommended way to get email from MS Exchange if I do not have a BB Server? It seems I cannot get in. When I had my WM device I could point email at webmail.XXX.com and I would get email, contacts and calendar. I'm guessing all through active sync. Does anyone have recommendations on workarounds?

    2. I miss having my 2 day agenda show up on my screen. Can anyone recommend a good theme that shows this? The one's I've looked at are not so hot.

    07-01-09 12:01 PM
  2. mark-d's Avatar
    Have a look here

    BlackBerry - BlackBerry Professional Software Express

    You can download a free version of BES for one user (yourself) which will perform the email and calendar sync that you are looking for.

    Hope this helps
    07-01-09 02:35 PM