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    I have 4 accounts on my BB bold and I'm having problem with my work account from outlook starting today I have received like 50 email saying the following:
    From this email
    This message is used to carry data between the BlackBerry handheld and an associated server. Please do not delete, move or respond to this message - it will be processed by the server.
    And there is one attached file

    So I erased the account and set it back but the same problem in aprox one hour I have received 15 with the same info.

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    08-19-09 11:53 PM
  2. squish101's Avatar
    Are you on bes at work? so you can't receive/send any email at all? have you checked with the IT guys at your company if there is any change to your work mail server settings?

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    08-20-09 12:03 AM