1. chiswick's Avatar
    Is anyone else having Sync problems using Desktop Manager v4.7.0.32?

    I have selected "two-way" sync only and "transfer only future items" but on my device I can still see old appointment entries going back to last year.

    I've even tried to select "Transfer items within a range of days" with 1 day "prior" and 40 days "after" and I still get old appointments greater then one day.

    There must be a bug in the software somewhere...
    03-23-09 09:51 AM
  2. katiekatiethefishlady's Avatar
    YES i am having the same problem...anyone? I can see that it is my re-occurring appts but i have selected "only future items" and outlook to device only. It was working but then i was getting error messages for Desktop manager and it has been doing it ever since. I have numerous reoccurring appts so it is rather cluttered and makes me not want to use the calendar syncing
    05-13-09 11:35 PM
  3. cavingjan's Avatar
    Recurring appointments will be sent as long as there are future appointments associated with it. AKA if you have an annual event like Memorial Day, it will appear in future and past because the BB and Outlook treat it as a single event with repeats (and exceptions in the case where individual occurances are deleted)
    05-14-09 08:59 AM
  4. katiekatiethefishlady's Avatar
    Even if I have deleted on my computer all of those past events? (reoccurring of course and will repeat in the future) Basically, i keep my outlook on the computer completely clean from yesterday on and my phone calendar not appearing that way is frustrating
    05-20-09 02:50 PM
  5. JLDCFO's Avatar
    I understand why the recurring items from prior get installed, but I'm having an additional problem. I cleared my calender on the BB, did one-way sync from Outlook to BB, about 20 past recurring items came through. Now I change my DM to sync both ways, and BB wants to send the appts BACK to Outlook, indicating there have been changes in the "attendees". So, I let it go, then Outlook wants to send back, saying changes. This is a vicious loop on the recurring items, can anyone tell me how to stop it?
    08-06-09 01:47 PM