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    I know there are similar threads about this but I can't find an explanation for the amount of memory taken up under 'other' in the application storage memory section of application management.

    I've had my BB 9700 for about a year now, about 6 months of which is with OS6 and although my free app storage memory dropped after I installed it I still had about 50MB left. This was usually maintained ok with scheduled quickpulls. I have a 8G SD card in it for all my media/Docs-to-go etc files so they don't take up space.

    Over the past few weeks my free memory has dropped significantly and I frequently find its gone down to 5MB or so. A quickpull/battery pull brings it back up to about 15MB which then goes down again over the next few hours.

    Under App Storage (immediately after a battery pull) its says that I am using 249MB in total. 170MBs in Apps (inc OS) and 67MB in 'other' and that I have 17MB free.
    My free memory in 'Device and Status Information' section says I have 18030521 bytes free (?18MBs). My Database sizes says I am using 37566K (37.5MBs?) in total for all calanders/emails/msgs etc which accounts for some of the memory listed under 'other' but theres still 30MB unaccounted for.

    Obviously deleting messages would free up space, but I use a lot of emails at work for reference, ideally I would like to get that 30MBs or so that is missing, but I can't figure out where its gone!

    The only answer I can see on other threads is some sort of memory wipe which I'd rather not do - I'm always worried I'll mess it up and end up with a blank phone!

    Thanks for any ideas!

    09-30-11 03:15 AM
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    Those other threads would have suggested shrinking the OS using BB Boss, if you had taken the time to search for them. Shrinking removes unwanted components including fonts you don't use at all.

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    09-30-11 04:57 AM
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    Thanks for your reply. As I said I have looked at the other threads and I may have to do that, but it doesn't answer my question.

    Shrinking the OS would reduce the amount of memory taken up by the OS which is in the 'applications' section of the application storage, not the 'other' section. The 'other' section is the bit thats got the 30MBs of unaccounted for memory.

    Obviously I'd like to delete out this stuff first before starting on the OS.

    Thanks though,
    09-30-11 06:17 AM
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    I too would love to know the answer to this. And I've searched and searched but no one really knows. I'm using a hybrid which was shrunk and around 10 apps installed I was left with around 85-90 mb which is fine...no problems there. However, I do have currently 50 mb in the "other" section of the application storage. Would like to know what it is and if we can reduce it somehow by deleting unwanted files?
    09-30-11 07:03 AM
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    Most likely that is space needed to load the OS by the ROM software. Boot/partition info etc.

    09-30-11 07:42 AM
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    Soooo, I'm feeling quite pleased with myself as I've just found and cleared the 30MBs of junk that was hiding in my phone!

    I'm assuming its to do with the recent update for appworld.......

    Anyway I went to the media section and found a menu option - 'memory use' which showed my media device memory was almost totally full - for some reason limited to 32 MBs. (my media device memory limit is set to 15MB). When you click on the details section it seemed it was full of pictures - which is weird cos I put all my pics on my SD card.

    So I went for a trawl through the all my device files trying to find Pics. Found the locked ones the phone won't let you delete but that didn't count for much. Then I found some App world folders which were full of little icon pictures - just a few KBs each, and also full of the screenshots you download when you preview an App. I would assume that these were deleted when you did a battery pull or cleared your cache but apparently not.

    So then I deleted App World - which is only 1.5MBs - but even after a reset these folders still didn't budge. So then I deleted those folders directed from the File Manager. Reset and Bingo I've got like an extra 30MBs!

    So in fact App World was taking up about 31.5 MBs of my device storage!

    This is probably old news to most of you, but I'm happy...!
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    09-30-11 08:43 AM
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    Yes app world does create these folders and cache images etc that you can delete but will reappear if you use app world again. No big deal as I just delete those each time so they never get too big.
    09-30-11 08:52 AM
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    Hey There,

    I had the same problem yet figured it out.

    Find the Files program or go to MEDIA then click the blackberry key and then Explore

    Go to DeviceBlackBerry/app_world/downloads -> you'll see a folder with your pin, open this folder or simply delete it

    App World keeps a history of all the programs you have downloaded, which in theory is supposed to make reinstalling easier since APP WORLD does not have to redownload content however it just redownloads it anyway...

    So you might as well delete the folder that displays your pin (the folder within downloads)

    I did this and then simply do a battery pull and put the battery back in, your phone will now have TONS of space.

    another problem with other, is that sometimes the browers does not delete the cache properly.

    Go into /Device/BlackBerry/system/appdata/rim/webstorage/net_rim_bb_browser_daemon

    delete the Cache.db file

    Another problem you might encounter is that the blackberry desktop software syncs music from itunes to the internal memory not the Micro SD card.

    So to fix this you'll have to go into
    /Device/home/user/system/Media Sync and copy and paste all music folders into the folder MUSIC on the SD Card.

    Hope this helps.
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    03-29-12 02:18 PM
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    WOW went from 0mb to 34mb
    03-30-12 04:36 AM
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    hi CraigRDavidson,

    i m alsohaving the same problem however i tried checking the folders which u have mentioned...i didnt find the mentioned folders n files in there..!

    can you or someone else suggest what it could be??

    i m using bold 9700 with OS6 in India.

    pls help me out
    08-09-12 05:15 AM
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    hey i have the same problem will antivirus will help....?
    12-27-12 08:45 AM
  12. Rootbrian's Avatar
    No, anti-virus software will not do anything about that "other" section of the storage. "Other" is basically files that aren't supported or identifyable by the blackberry OS.
    12-27-12 06:12 PM
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    No, anti-virus software will not do anything about that "other" section of the storage. "Other" is basically files that aren't supported or identifyable by the blackberry OS.
    So, how do we get rid of those files. If they are not identifiable or supported, then we should be able to just get rid of them. I got over 200mb of those, killing my BB's speed.
    08-20-13 03:29 PM
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    So, how do we get rid of those files. If they are not identifiable or supported, then we should be able to just get rid of them. I got over 200mb of those, killing my BB's speed.
    The only way to remove the "other", is to clear out the databases using blackberry desktop manager.When I get home, I can and will take a screenshot of what to keep and what to leave out, but if you use calendar and tasks, keep those, unless they're old and passed. Old messages should also be cleared out too.A wipe and reload is mandatory every 5-6 months in order to keep the speedy experience intact. Mine was down to 90MB before I did the wipe, now it's at 165MB again.
    08-20-13 03:37 PM