1. MikeC1408's Avatar
    Please bear with me, as a newish BB user I have a quick question regarding OS Upgrades.

    I have a Bold 9700 running OS but have seen numerous posts on the net regarding newer version of the OS (leaked and official).

    I have a Mac with BB Desktop Manager but it has nver infomed me of a newer available OS for downloading.

    I bought the BB as a handset only deal and use a O2 Simplicity card with the BB Bolt On.

    Is the fact that I bought the phone off contract the reason I'm not getting advised of upgrades (if so how should I go about upgrading) or am I missing something.

    Thanks in Advance
    04-28-10 04:37 AM
  2. Pete6's Avatar
    I have the same deal as you. O2 Simplicity + 9700 bought at full price.

    Upgrading the OS is not a problem but I know enough about Macs ti steer well clear of them (I was an IT Director when I had a job) and do all my stuff on a PC. There have been thise who have done upgrades on Macs but the newer and more interesting stuff with leaked and beta OSs really need a PC to manipulate the OS.

    There have also been problems with the emulation programs that Macs have to run real Windows when upgrading OSs.
    04-28-10 04:47 AM
  3. MikeC1408's Avatar

    So is my OS the most up to date (Officially available) as there seems to be information on the net that suggests it isn't.

    Perhaps I should install BB Desktop Manager on my windows machine and see if that does anything different and informs me of an upgrade.

    As for the Mac, I'm actually a MS Office Application Developer and find the Mac a much better machine to develop on (Using Fusion).
    04-28-10 05:13 AM
  4. fatboy97's Avatar
    More than likely you have the most recent Official OS for your provider... the most recent Official OS for an carrier is ALWAYS located in a Sticky Thread at the top of the Forum... which currently is
    04-28-10 05:47 AM
  5. paspals's Avatar
    if that isn't a hackle for you, control your phone thru your PC!! As considering the OS, its no biggie to jump right on a new build, cause the .423 is a good 1, at least for me, done upgrades, downgrades, and found thats the 1 for me... On different OSs u get diff stuff...a bit faster browser,better battery life some memory improvements -everything like 3-10% better, but not always cause the OS itself later on gets "a life of its own" depending on many things... hardware and s/ware like(installed apps)! so try your OS for some time then conceder some other,if this1 give you too much troubles...
    04-28-10 12:16 PM
  6. fatjoez's Avatar
    Dude, just update it.
    I was nervous at first but I did it, took like 30 minutes.
    If you don't backup all your Apps it takes less time.
    There are slight improvements here n there.

    Only takes 30 minutes so whatever ay, nothing to lose
    04-28-10 07:15 PM