1. XanderSnelder's Avatar
    I have a question.
    I want to know where you can download the official OS 6 system for a Blackberry Bold 9700.
    My country is the Netherland and my provider is KPN.

    07-04-11 03:21 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    KPN has not officially released it yet. looks liek their latest 9700 OS is around .743.

    You will have to download it from another carrier such as Bell or Rogers.
    07-04-11 03:26 PM
  3. Pete6#WP's Avatar
    An official OS is one that is defined as having been released by your carrier. This means that if you call them, they will support your phone with that version of the OS.

    So the question is, "Have KPN ever released OS6 for the 9700?".

    Please check this link BlackBerry - BlackBerry Desktop and Device Software Download Sites and also check your carriers website. You may need to phone them.
    07-04-11 03:27 PM
  4. XanderSnelder's Avatar
    Is there a other possible way to download OS 6 for my Blackberry bold 9700?
    07-04-11 03:33 PM
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    07-04-11 03:48 PM
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    07-04-11 03:55 PM