1. wesware's Avatar
    Is there a way to customize the bb button browser menu to have fewer options or perhaps rearrange the menu options?

    Opening the menu and scrolling thru all the options can be a pain when I only use a select few (zoom, back, tabs). It seems like the menu options randomly chg positions within the menu too so u can't "learn" where they are. Any help is appreciated.

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    08-30-11 05:24 PM
  2. jbeachy's Avatar
    No way to change the menu. I presume you realize you can press the first letter of menu to position the cursor, right? Sometimes there are more than one choice beginning with the same letter and you have to press the letter several times. I don't think the menu positions change, though, unless you've installed a new app that has a menu choice.

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    08-30-11 06:47 PM
  3. wesware's Avatar
    Thx for the reply. Actually I didn't know about the "press the first letter" trick. It does help. As far as the menu item's position changing, I think it just appears that way since the menu starts at a different option each time I open it. Wld be nice if it at least remembered the last option I selected. Oh well, pressing the first letter makes it much easier anyway. Thx again for the tip.

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    08-30-11 07:36 PM