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    Bold 9900 any OS -

    I have tested this over 10 times to make sure I am right about when this occurs - and this is what I've found.

    For BES activated devices only -

    Go to the "options" screen and start typing in the search box. You end up with "Search Results (0) and an empty list below.

    This only happens after you activate (or reactivate) the device on the BES and reboot the device, not before that. If you perform a Security Wipe on the device, and manually restore your data from a backup, you still have the ability to type and narrow down the options list, each time, without fail. Once you bring the device back onto the BES and reboot, you get what I described above. To be sure my BES profile wasn't corrupt, I deleted the BES account and removed the BES information from my mailboxes (tried a few devices on different accounts). I then created new BES accounts for the users and activated the devices. I had the same issue on each device. I used 3 different 9900's on three BES accounts. We are on .317 now and were at .296 before that with the same results.

    There was a similar issue in some OS versions of OS6 with the "Universal Search" screen, until RIM eventually addressed it, but it didn't seem to have anything to do with the BES, at least not from what I saw.
    08-14-11 09:30 PM