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    My backup Bold took a improntu (and violent) water "dip" into Three Rivers here in Cali... now uncertain as to the water damage (enough to a red mark on the battery, which I am assuming is this red thingy to the LEFT of the Negative lead.)

    Though she put the battery in FAR sooner than I would of recommended, it does indeed boot, and function, but the buttons return incorrect numbers and letters (back will give you LM, MENU gives you A, and so forth)

    Going to try some light alcohol swabbing, and electronics cleaner on the contacts behind the buttons (IE take it apart, surprisingly, this is freakin easy... wow... The Pearl was a pain in the arse to take apart, this... this is like making a sandwich easy.)

    Finished that. No dice. Though SOME buttons now return the right character. Not so for the rest. I'm gonna have to immerse the mainboard into a cleansing dip to fully fix this it seems.
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