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    My 9930 (Sprint) seems to be a great phone. I have had this one (my second) for 4 days with multiple battery pulls and I continue to have the same problems:
    Although App Worl opens, My Worl does not. i get the "please wait" which continues forever.
    Under Setup, Internet Email says "temporarily unavailable"
    Under setup, Blackberry protect says "Temporarily Unavalaible"
    All else works fine - browser, etc.
    Anyone have any fixes for any of these issues? Thanks
    08-28-11 06:50 AM
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    My friend with a "Sprint" 9930 had same issues straight out of the box...what I did for him was re-load OS and fixed everything. If you go to Sprint store they will eventually give you a new one..but good luck finding out in store...as most stores selling out fast. So go for it...try re-loading OS or even better load up leaked OS .340....trust me that will fix everything

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    08-28-11 07:05 AM
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    Ccan you explain how to re-load the OS? Will that wipe out everything on my phone?

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    08-28-11 07:16 AM
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    What u do is back up ur phone via bb DM...then use BBSAK to wipe...connect phone to PC...open bb DM...should recognize phone and prompt to install latest OS...u can also download the OS from blackberry site...though those are officials only...u won't get "leaks" there...those u download online. So let's say u downloaded the "official" OS from blackberry site...use APP Loader to re-install OS...this all seems hard...but once u do it once...u get the hang of it...ur bestfriend is the "search" feature on this forum...u save a lot headaches when u search on here and find stuff out

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    08-28-11 07:45 AM
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    Thanks. So I assume it will be like it was out of the box and I would have to re-load everything, yes?
    08-28-11 07:51 AM
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    Correct...before u go to sprint store...do it yourself and you shall see it can be fix. Most of the times problems you experience with these phones aren't hardware issues...but softwares issues. A simple re-load of the OS does miracles/saves headaches/and avoids u driving to the store to get phone changed. You will see in the future u will fix issues urself when it is software issues...go for it and good luck. Remember when u download OS to computer...you have to install it too. Go to blackberry website and install "Sprints" latest official for the 9930..later you can experiment with "leaked" OS

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    08-28-11 07:56 AM
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    After u re-load OS...just restore via file u created when u back up

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    08-28-11 07:58 AM
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    Thanks for the quick response
    08-28-11 07:59 AM
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    08-28-11 08:36 AM
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    Damn! Re-loaded OS and still had the same problems. Sprint is sending me a new phone!
    08-31-11 08:28 PM