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    Ok.. first off I am a long time bb user. I have been the owner of an 8300 for some time and it has been great. Unitl the trackball died. Time for a new phone.

    Well the 8900 sure did look juicy and since I already have an iphone 3g (not 3gs) I didnt really need the 3g and the edge network seems just fine. So.. I get a brand new shiny 8900.

    I have it 2 weeks out of my 30 days and here is what I can report.
    Battery life margin at best.. Thats with doing all the things that I know of to maximize battery. I mean turing off all the connections I am not using to save power. Lowering screen brightness. Turning down the length that the screen stays backlit etc.

    The connection to anything on this phone was painfully slow. My old 8300 seemed like a speed racer compared to the 8900. It had a lot of dropped calls and it just didnt respond or act like my trusty 8300

    So back to the store that I went to exhange it for another one.. Or pay the difference for the uprade and restocking fee and get the bold.

    Well ... Best decison I ever made. This thing is amazing. If your a BB power user that relys on their device for business (i use mine to make $$) then this is a must.

    My initial take.

    Speed.. its fast be it 3g or wifi or edge its fast. so much faster than the 8900 its like comparing a fat guy to jesse owens fast.

    battery life. I was really worried about this. and so far I am pleasently suprised I specifically did lots and lots and lots of high useage things to try and drain the battery and still after hours of use Im at 53 percent. So I am way happy there. I didnt like the fact that att decided to not let me choose which network to be in 2g or 3g but after the initial tests im fine with this decision.

    The keyboard. I hear some people gripe about it. Its awesome really so much easier to type on then the curve 8300 or 8900 I would never go back.

    The back of the phone. Alot of complaints about the faux leather. Im getting an otterbox so its covered up anyway so I dont really care. Most bb users that I know keep phone in some kind of protection anyway. Its doesnt look bad and it doesnt feel bad

    the iphone. The iphone is my ipod with computer functions. I dont ever use it as a phone **** I dont even know the number its just programmed into the bb as Iphone so when I loose it I can call it and try and find it.

    From someone that has an iphone, had an 8300 and 8900 the bold is awesome. I cant believe I waited so long to get it. Makes me angry.

    Camera.. yes the camera on the bold sucks. It really sucks compared to the camera on the 8900 but everything else is soooo much superior that I dont care. I need a phone for a communication device not for taking a photo .. it will get by in a pinch but its cruddy for sure.

    Not a review but some insight . Hope it helps
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    The 8900 didn't look good from the begining. I don't know why many were raving about it so much. The mere fact that it lacks 3G is the deal breaker for most. BTW if you have OS .282 you can select 2g only or 3g and 2g
    08-05-09 10:22 AM
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    I feel the exact same way about my bold! I got an 8900 first and ended up giving it to another employee at work lol! The bold is great! and JD914 is correct about os .282, it's solid and you can change from 3g to 2g if you like.

    Enjoy the beast that is the bold!

    08-05-09 11:04 AM