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    I know this question has been asked a couple of times, but most of the times, the discussion bolts down to the users using BES.

    Well, I am just a normal user, subscribed to BIS, and using the gmail account on my device.

    I am only able to retrieve emails on my BB from the day onwards I set up my account. The device is not downloading older emails... this is really frustrating, since there are many conversations already going on my email and I still have to use my desktop for at least a couple of months or so ...

    Is there a way to download old emails on BB ... lets say last 30 days email ?? this would really help ... !!

    Also, one more thing, Is there a way to see the Sent Items folder in my BB

    BB: 9780
    OS: OS6
    Mail: Push mail (GMAIL) setup over BIS
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    09-05-11 03:30 AM
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    Unfortunately, no. That would require IMAP. You have two options. 1. You can download the Gmail app to view your old messages on your phone. It will not 'push' them to your device, but you can at least view them. 2. You can manually forward the old messages you would like on your device. Ie- Find the message and email it to yourself again. Hope it helps.
    09-05-11 06:59 AM
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    Thanks for the advice Laura, but forwarding the old emails to myself would not help .. as I would loose the original recipients and the mail chain ...
    It's sad that BB is not able to sync old emails
    09-05-11 07:14 AM