1. dkny2kx's Avatar
    I just got a used BB bold 9790 from canada Fido carrier apparently (from boot screen). I have my AT&T sim working on 3G in USA. I cannot seem to add a personal email account. From what i've been reading there is possibly an IT policy that blocks any personal email. When I go to the option to add email account, it only gives me enterprise option. No other option. I checked the phone option and says IT policy is disabled. So I am completely confused on what is going on. Please help me, I have already done a factory reset, and update to newest version of 7.1 OS. What can I do next?
    10-22-13 02:40 PM
  2. dkny2kx's Avatar
    okay, I want to try loading another carrier OS on it. Since AT&T doesnt support the 9790, i was thinking of loading the Telus OS for 9790 on there. anyone see a major problem with this, i believe the hardware is identical, so it should work right?

    the only thing i want to fix is getting email support
    10-22-13 10:55 PM

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