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    Tried out the 9930 on Verizon today. Beautiful work from Blackberry, finally!!! The only issue I saw was the lack of the Browser's ability to "reflow" the text. Pinch and Zoom worked flawlessly, except for the fact that when "zoomed in" the text was larger and I had to slide back and forth to read the article(s). My 9780 reflows (resizes) the text! All I had to do was position the "magnifier" on the paragraph . . . and click the trackpad . . and it resized perfectly! Why can't the 9900/9930 do this?
    08-20-11 04:14 PM
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    It can. Just doesn't with pinch to zoom. Only OS that reflows with pinch to zoom is Android
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    08-20-11 04:19 PM
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    When you double tap it will auto fit the page for you.

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    08-20-11 04:23 PM
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    Your comment is understood. Thank you! I tried everything! I double tapped and the text reflowed, however, it was too small to read Went to CB.com (full view) and double tapped on an article, and again the text was too small to read. Tried to find the that "magnifier" so that I could center over the paragraph, click the trackpad, and have the text reflow. No suck luck!
    08-20-11 04:29 PM
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    I got my browser font on 50 and do the "double tap" bit...that works here the trick is to do it UNZOOMED

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    08-20-11 05:09 PM
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    Is there a setting for the default zoom level? I don't have mine yet so I'm not sure, just what came to mind.
    08-20-11 05:15 PM