1. xxxxpradaxxxx's Avatar
    ZOMG so my phone broke and I figured hey, why not get a Blackberry for now.

    I looked at the Bold 9700, and almost passed out.

    649 dollars for no commitment pricing.

    WTF? I remember it being 549, and now it's 649? And it's not even the 9780.

    Not to mention its from 2009.

    Why would the price randomly go up over time to something that ridiculous?

    07-07-11 04:00 PM
  2. joemecu's Avatar
    Yeah, $649 is way too high. You could get a new one on eBay for much less. I just renewed my contract with a 9700 for $0.01. I know it's old, and doesn't have much memory, but I've been using my 9000 with not too many complaints. I was going to wait it out for a 9900, but I figure that by the time I'm eligible for upgrade, any bugs will be worked out. My 9000 headset jack broke after I re-assembled it a bit rough. I was getting Pandora withdrawal on my car rides.

    Either way, I'm happy with the 9700. Having OS6 is worth it. I did have to Shrink the OS, but it's been great. Being able to thread my emails like Gmail is awesome, and I love the difference from OS 5.
    07-07-11 08:17 PM
  3. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Best I can recommend, stick with the same (be it a feature phone) phone until enough cash is saved for a blackberry.

    A spare battery for the phone would help out, since ebay has aftermarket ones for 25% or 50% of the retail price. Oince you've saved enough, go for it.

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    07-08-11 12:51 PM