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    Hey all -

    My Bold... and strangely my Curve are both displaying odd notification behavior.

    At first I thought I had screwed up a setting somewhere, but I highly doubt I screwed it up on both, so I'm guessing this is just a BB thing I don't fully understand.

    I have my Yahoo Mail setup on both. Here's how they both work on the various sound profiles:
    Loud: Notified
    Medium: Notified
    Normal: Not Notified
    Vibrate Only: Not Notified

    I've verified that the profiles are set up to notify on everything, so not sure what's going on. The only thing I can think of is that maybe this started with the installation of a Jawbone ICON. That's a guess, as this issue popped up in the past week.

    The bizarre part is that I know vibrate was working on both all day long, now they are not, and I haven't touched a thing. Although I did pair to both my Plantronics 975 and my ICON.
    06-29-10 08:56 PM