1. woodman500's Avatar
    To be exact, there are 7 of each Inbox/Spam under Browser Messages when I look under Folders in my Messages. I've tried to delete the without success. Anyone know how I get rid of them?

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    05-31-09 08:30 PM
  2. squish101's Avatar
    each represents the no of email accounts you set up on your bb. i dont think you can remove them.
    05-31-09 09:18 PM
  3. FIREmarshallVIN's Avatar
    yes you can. Sorry, don't know exactlt where the post is, but I stumbled across one not long ago and someone clearly listed how to remove the the folders. As I type this it's vaguely coming back to me. You must do it through Desktop, there's an advanced section where you can clear folders. Sorry again, but hopefully this will lead you down the right path and not give up hope! LOL
    05-31-09 09:56 PM
  4. woodman500's Avatar
    Anyone else have any ideas before I wipe my device???

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    06-03-09 11:44 AM