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    Hey all,

    I got a Bold 9930 from a friend last year that she bought and had been using on nTelos. She got an iPhone so I took it from her, popped my SIM in and it worked fine on T-Mobile. I used it daily for about 9 months, until getting the Z10 last week. I assumed the phone was unlocked b/c I hadn't done anything to it, just put my SIM in and it worked fine. I did a security wipe and sold the phone to a guy on AT&T. He said it worked fine for a couple of days then it suddenly displayed a message to contact nTelos to unlock it. Now he says he paid to have it unlocked but it still won't work. I checked and the 9930 and 9900 share some of the same bandwiths so I assume it should work. Anyone know why it wouldn't? Or shouldn't? He also says he's using the phone on a prepaid plan for texting only, is a BIS plan required?
    04-02-13 01:16 PM
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    All BlackBerry devices except for BB10 require a BIS data plan unless used on BES. Once the AT&T sim card gets put in the device the carrier will see that the sim does not match with the device being locked to a different provider. Sound like AT&T and/or NTelos was a little late but finally noticed.

    Posted via CB10
    04-04-13 01:55 PM

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