1. Clarabellx's Avatar
    Hiya on my Blackberryy my Facebook doesn't alert me when I have notifications even though I am sure its on but my boyfriends is always notifies him even though he wants his on I was just wondering how you turn it on and off I may of missed it thanks clare x

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    05-25-10 01:43 PM
  2. ohgeez's Avatar
    Have you checked your profile settings? Go to the left handle corner of your screen and click on "profiles". Then scroll down to where it says SET RING TONES/ALERTS, then go to OTHER, then choose FACEBOOK and set.
    05-25-10 02:00 PM
  3. fathobo's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure you have to add your email account used with your facebook account on your blackberry happened to me once I added my email I received notifications
    05-25-10 06:41 PM