1. boydude's Avatar
    Is there anywhere i can see what they mean,

    i've spotted a couple of icons on top of the browser and wanted to know what they meant, also on the different types of icons that may appear on main screen.
    08-29-09 02:40 AM
  2. ST79's Avatar
    Could you please post a screen shot?

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    08-29-09 03:08 AM
  3. boydude's Avatar
    how can i take screenshot is there a program which i can do it with?
    08-29-09 03:46 AM
  4. ST79's Avatar
    Download CaptureIt or Zonasnap.

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    08-29-09 03:51 AM
  5. boydude's Avatar
    i've circled the 2 icons in particular
    08-30-09 03:41 AM
  6. Teek's Avatar
    I'm not certain as those two not listed in my manual.
    But here are some others

    08-30-09 05:34 AM
  7. mookish's Avatar
    Those are browser icons, I believe the unlocked lock represents and unsecure site.
    08-30-09 05:36 AM
  8. Kidcobalt's Avatar
    Mookish got it.
    The lock is an unsecure site-try your bank site the lock should be closed.
    The other indicates the Browser being used.
    08-30-09 05:43 AM