1. igodish's Avatar
    I'm new to this forum and not sure if this has been asked but I'm hoping someone can help me.

    Lately I've noticed that when I wake up my phone has no notifications. What I mean is that until I take the phone off my charger, and a few minutes pass, any emails, texts, bbms, or facebook message I may have received from some point in the middle of the night until the point when I wake up and take my phone off the charger aren't displayed/don't go through.

    At first I thought it had something to do with my charger. That is until I just took the battery out of my phone and then restarted my phone just now and got a bunch of bbms that I know were probably sent hours ago. So that rules out the charger.

    I don't understand why my phone stops letting messages go through after a certain point (unless I take the battery out and restart it). I still receive phone calls. I've even checked to make sure that I don't have anything turned on that would cause the phone to stop messages from going through.

    Does anyone know what the problem could be and how to fix it?
    08-23-09 02:57 AM
  2. Morganizer's Avatar
    Nobody has answered this so I will take a stab. Somehow when your device enters bedside mode on the charger it's disabling your radio or some such. If it were my device I would probably try to reload my firmware but that is relative to your experience and comfort level whether this is a good solution. I can't think of any other troubleshooting measure for this problem.
    08-23-09 10:48 AM