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    I resisted BB for a long time in favour of a phone that was a phone, but I am loving my Bold with one exception, my Nokia BH 900 BT headset (the one with the extending active boom mic) disconnects and powers off when I answer a call, a few times a day. The call remains active on the handset and I can power the headset back on reconnect and it works fine. Anyone who has this headset and spends time in the car will know it is the best one Nokia have made to date so I am a bit frustrated. I've googled all over, found similar things but nothing that resolved the problem. Have paired and re-paired the BT, reset the BT to factory, switched on/off the various BT options on the Bold, downgraded the Bold to three previous versions of 4.6 software, tried three different new BH 900's, and I am now down to the fact that the Bold & BH 900 are just incompatible (at present).

    I would really appreciate any additional suggestions as to what else I might try to resolve this, and to know if anyone else with Bold & Nokia BH 900 has this same problem?

    Many thanks,
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