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    I just noticed over the last 2 days that my speakers don't appear to be working on my 9650. The last two mornings, I didn't hear the alarm on it go off and wouldn't wake up until my husband's alarm went off. When I looked at my phone, it says the alarm is going off, but there is no sound coming out of it. When my husband sends me a message on BBM, my phone vibrates to alert me but there is no sound. The sound profile is set to normal and the volume is set to 5. Is it possible my speakers are dead?? Or can I try tweeking something to get them to work? I'm not ready to give up my 9650...although I have been eyeing the Q10. I just want to see where RIM is going before making another investment in a BB. Help!
    10-02-13 07:47 AM
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    Hi and welcome to CrackBErry!
    I had a 9650 and I can recall that happening to me as I used different OSes on the device. Have you loaded a new operating system recently?
    Have you checked to see if music can play? As I recall you can set the device for handset or headphone use. Did you recently use headphones with it. Sometimes inserting the headphones in again will switch the device over to the proper mode. Worth a try right??
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    10-02-13 07:57 AM
  3. Voclu's Avatar
    Thanks! I have not loaded a new OS in quite a while. I checked my version this morning and its the same version that was last listed in the Crackberry forums in December of 2012. I had tried to play my Pandora on it one morning as I was getting ready for work on Monday and that was when I first noticed there was no sound although the screen said the music was playing. I have not used headphones on it recently, not in quite a while actually. I'll see if I can find a pair of headphones to plug in and see if it makes a difference. Are there any cases of the speakers just dying, like they do over time in cars?
    10-02-13 08:33 AM
  4. Tech Idiot's Avatar
    I guess it can happen. I've had mine for a few years but I don't use sound, not really at all, so mine still work fine. I guess after years of everyday use...sure, they can die. Anything mechanical can I guess.
    10-10-13 07:31 AM
  5. robindodge's Avatar
    For many it seems to be a hardware issue. See the comments in this post: BlackBerry Z10 speaker not working issues | BlackBerry Z10 case

    This fix seems to work for a lot of people. For me it only works for about a minute and then the sound dies again. Which would make sense if it's a short. I'm not looking forward to turning my second lemon z10 into Verizon.
    12-13-13 02:11 PM
  6. robindodge's Avatar
    Oh, and I mean to say, I had the same hardware issue on my old Blackberry Tour. Exact same problem. (I know you're not on a z10). Sorry for the confusion. In any case, the solution was the same, opening the back and finding the right place to press.
    12-13-13 02:13 PM

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