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    hi. i bricked my phone yesterday and brought it back to .266. last evening, it worked fine for both incoming and outgoing calls (on both bluetooth and handset). i installed some of my apps later and this morning, the mic doesnt work on the phone.
    i installed zagat to go, worldmate, facebook, ubertwitter, ny times shortcut, splashID, google maps, greenfinder, yankees shortcut, and pandora -- nothing that should hit the mic function in the phone app. ive done a battery pull twice but still no go. I can hear the caller fine but they can't hear me at all.

    i tried my bluetooth and speakerphone and they dont work either on the mic side only. and the keytones dont get sent as well (learned that from my voicemail sys not working)

    ive been on .266 for months... something stepped on my OS (523 error) so i reinstalled everything.

    any ideas, my genius friends?

    weird.... now the phone works! i removed google mobile app cuz it uses the phone key to do voice recognition and i thought that was stepping on the bb phone app. i dont know if thats the cause but i seem to be ok. twice during the morning i couldnt be heard when i called. intermittant failures suck!
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