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    Just finished chatting with an online Sprint CSR regarding if? Sprint was following Verizon's lead and let Sprint customer's order early online for the BB Bold 9930 here's the transcript:8:05:34 AM : Connected to sprint.ehosts.net

    8:05:34 AM : Session ID: 3455019

    8:05:34 AM : Tim Chitwood: Initial Question/Comment: Can I preorder the BlackBerry Bold 9930?

    8:05:39 AM : Landon K. has joined this session!

    8:05:40 AM : Connected with Landon K.. Your Reference Number for this chat session is 3455019.

    8:05:40 AM : Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Landon K..

    8:07:24 AM : Landon K.: Yes you can pre order the latest Blackberry Bold 9930 at the nearest Sprint store.

    8:07:34 AM : Landon K.: The pre-order is available.

    8:07:58 AM : Landon K.: The first come fist take rule is applied .

    8:08:38 AM : Landon K.: Once the device will be reached at the store, you will be receive the priority to get the device.

    8:08:51 AM : Tim Chitwood: I mean can you pre-order like Verizon is starting today? get it online? they are selling thier Bold 9930 today online ships free overnight. Is Sprint also doing that?

    8:10:34 AM : Landon K.: Let me check

    8:11:49 AM : Landon K.: Thank you for your patience.

    8:13:44 AM : Landon K.: I have checked the information and noticed that currently online pre-order is not available .

    8:13:59 AM : Landon K.: So you can pre-order the device at the nearest Sprint store.

    8:14:16 AM : Landon K.: If you wish I can provide you the address with contact number of the nearest store.

    8:14:29 AM : Landon K.: So you can also connect with them at your home.

    8:15:05 AM : Tim Chitwood: oh, ok...that's a bummer...wish Sprint would have been like Verizon and let customers order a fews days before online.

    8:15:46 AM : Tim Chitwood: Verizon is letting customers order online starting today, and releasing the Bold 9930 August 25th

    8:16:09 AM : Landon K.: Tim, I'll definitely forward your feedback to the appropriate department so that they can work on that.

    8:16:19 AM : Tim Chitwood: another question...is the price for the Sprint BB Bold 9930 $249.99?

    8:16:34 AM : Landon K.: Let me check

    8:18:40 AM : Landon K.: Thank you for waiting.

    8:21:42 AM : Landon K.: I have checked and noticed that currently pricing is not come out as device is not launched in the market. Once the device will be launch, the pricing will also updated to the Sprint web site.

    8:22:18 AM : Landon K.: For that , I would like suggest you to please update yourself to the Sprint web site to get the latest information.

    8:22:23 AM : Tim Chitwood: Is there a discount for Sprint premier Silver customers like myself?

    8:23:29 AM : Landon K.: Yes you will be able to receive the device with the available discounted prices with the new line or eligible for upgrade eligibility .

    8:25:11 AM : Tim Chitwood: so $249.99? from the ad ive seen, it shows $499.99 orig price, $150.00 upgrade discount and $100.00 instant savings...so there's no mail in rebate i need to do? $249.99 plus tax?

    8:25:49 AM : Tim Chitwood: this is from Playbook, your inside sales paper you guys get

    8:26:49 AM : Tim Chitwood: The Playbook external dealer page 6

    8:27:00 AM : Landon K.: I am sorry for the inconvenience. As of now, the pricing of the device has not been launched yet so it is difficult to provide you the pricing and I do not want to provide you any of incorrect information.

    8:27:43 AM : Landon K.: Once the pricing will be come out, we will be able to provide you the exact information.

    8:27:47 AM : Tim Chitwood: It's a shame that BlackBerry customers know the exact release date, price and discounts before Sprint customer service reps

    8:28:15 AM : Landon K.: Let me cross check the information for you.

    8:28:55 AM : Tim Chitwood: ok...but i'm sure this is the launch date and price

    8:30:45 AM : Landon K.: I am discussing this to my supervisor.

    8:31:03 AM : Tim Chitwood: ok

    8:31:50 AM : Landon K.: Should I redirect your chat to my supervisor so that you can direct interact with him?

    8:32:33 AM : Tim Chitwood: sure

    8:33:20 AM : Landon K.: To better assist you, I will connect you with a Sprint Supervisor. Please wait a moment while I transfer your chat.

    8:36:20 AM : Aaron B has joined this session!

    8:36:25 AM : Landon K. has left this session!

    8:36:35 AM : Aaron B: Hello this is Aaron, supervisor of Landon K.

    8:36:39 AM : Tim Chitwood: Hello

    8:37:05 AM : Aaron B: Please allow me a few moments to access your account and go through the chat transcript.

    8:38:50 AM : Aaron B: I understand you wish to preorder BlackBerry Bold 9930 smartphone.

    8:39:30 AM : Tim Chitwood: Actually I wanted to know if Sprint was offering the BB Bold 9930 online to buy before the launch date of 08/21/11

    8:40:03 AM : Aaron B: I'm sorry, this information isn't available as of now. Once available, it'll reflect on sprint.com.

    8:40:17 AM : Aaron B: Meanwhile, we appreciate your patience and cooperation.

    8:40:25 AM : Tim Chitwood: Verizon started offering the Bold 9930 online today with free overnight shipping on thier website, just wanted to know if Sprint was doing the same this week

    8:41:35 AM : Aaron B: Tim, Sprint announced 2 New BlackBerry smartphones coming soon; however, we don't have additional information about the launch date and it's price as of now.

    8:43:40 AM : Aaron B: Is there anything else I may assist you with?

    8:43:55 AM : Tim Chitwood: Nope that's it

    8:44:10 AM : Aaron B: Thank you again for contacting Sprint.
    08-15-11 08:44 AM