1. weidit's Avatar
    hi all

    I have recently tried to swap back to a 9900

    I have been running with a q10 for the last couple of months and would like to go back to a 9900

    I have recently posted a thread with a few questions which have been answered regarding not being able to restore backwards which seems odd but I guess in a way makes sense....

    however my questions is as followed. if my sim is in my q10 I have full blackberry internet service so can receive emails etc.... as soon as I put the sim in y 9900 I have full reception but no blackberry service. I bought the blackberry 9900 second hand unlocked to o2. Could it be blocked or something although I doubt this as my old 9780 doesn't seems to get coverage either. Is there something im doing incorrectly I have only ever swapped 3/4 blackberry devices nd they have never been problem before. literally put sim in and synced with app manager however im struggling with this.

    any help would be appreciated

    thanks in advance
    08-29-13 02:01 AM
  2. Cap_172R's Avatar
    Did you change your plan when you upgraded to the Q10? Remember BB10 doesn't require BIS while legacy OS BBRY such as the 9900 requires BIS to function properly.

    Contact your service provider and ensure BIS is enabled on your plan...
    08-29-13 02:04 AM

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