1. ajobes's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I have a fully unlocked Bold working on Zain in Kuwait - bought new from them. I've had no problems with the blackberry service, browsing the web etc since buying.

    I went back to the UK and forgot to activate roaming so got home and couldn't connect. I put a friends standard uk contract sim card in (Orange) and used the phone fine for calls, sms etc. The 'blackberry' icons disappeared, as I expected, such as internet browser, messenger etc. I did find it a little strange that connecting via wifi didn't allow me to use my gmail program - it said to check my signal strength as there was no active connection.

    I got back to Kuwait yesterday and put my zain sim card back in. Unfortunately I am in the same situation as in the uk - it functions fine as a phone but no blackberry services. If I connect to my wifi at home (which used to work fine) I cannot use gmail with the same error.

    I've tried calling Zain who weren't much use and just tried battery out, sim out etc. I've re-sent my service books from their BIS website and nothing is making it work...

    Please help!!!


    05-30-09 04:07 PM
  2. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    Are you getting full 3G? Did you try re-registering the device via host routing table? And you do have a data plan active (not just a regular but BB specific data plan)?
    05-30-09 04:30 PM