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    Well I liked the look of the clock and bought it. They've just released an update that allows the clock to work in a charging cradle. AND I just discovered something even better. If you set your normal clock options to "enter beside mode" when charging, and then plug your BB in, the nixie clock will start and then the unit will go into bedside mode displaying the nixie clock!

    07-17-09 11:10 AM
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    is there any way to set an alarm with it? thats the only thing keeping me from gettin it.
    07-18-09 08:04 PM
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    This is how I have mine set up. I have the regular clock set to go into bedside mode on charging. I have the nixie clock set to turn on when charging. I've found that you can use the normal bold clock and alarm, with the nixie clock. So you set the alarm normally and even though the nixie clock shows the normal alarm still works. This is with a bold, I don't know how it'll work with other BB's.
    07-18-09 08:10 PM
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    I think I knoiw the answer to this but can you have the clock displayed AND in bedside mode while charging so the screen doesn't time out. Would be nice to have just the dim clock displayed all night as opposed to the clock and the keypad lit. Thanks in advance!

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    07-18-09 10:06 PM
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    Yes you can, but the screen doesn't dim as much as it does in the regular bedside mode. I also have autostandby on. The trackball and keyboard dim, and then it'll wake up every once in awhile. And I've just noticed this (which is really strange), if the regular clock is set to analog the bedside mode doesn't seem to work, but on any of the digital modes (regular clock) the beside mode seems to work. It would be nice to have a brightness control on the nixie clock.
    And watching the clock now that I'm typing this I do see the BB standby mode going on and off. So it'll dim and about a minute later the keyboard and trackball light up and then dim again. I'm still playing around with this version, so I'm still finding out stuff as I try different options.
    for instance it may work differently if I turn the seconds off, don't know yet.
    07-18-09 10:18 PM
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    Hey, thanks a lot. I didn't even think about autostandby, which I use as well. I've just been testing it on the charging pos and I did notice the lighting up/dimming behavior you described. I also use recently upgraded version of BerryBuzz and Aerize Email Alerts so I'm trying to coordinate all of these apps so I have to do a minimal amount of button pressing before hitting the sack. So far I have BerryBuzz set to turn off the LED at midnight and on at 6 AM, Aerize to time out the popup after 60 seconds and the phone to go into bedside mode when charging. This is close to what I want but not 100%. I would like the Aerize popups to remain until I hit the keyboard but if I use that setting, I'll wake up and look at an alert rather than the clock. Oh well, can't have it all. Thank you!

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    07-18-09 10:46 PM