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    Hi, I've recently swopped my iPhone 5 for a Blackberry Bold 9970 due to work and the fact that iPhone is incompatible with the features of my network provider (Vodafone one net). Probably worth mentioning that although the iPhone is a superb gadget it is a very poor telephone.

    Anyway, i'm fairly happy with the BB apart from a couple things which are really bugging me. I have set up my email and i really need it to sync with my Outlook i.e. when i read an email in Outlook, i want it to mark as read on the BB and vice versa. Currently this is only happening when I read a mail on the BB it marks as read in Outlook. It does not happen if i read a mail in Outlook; phone still shows the mail as unread. Very annoying if i'm spending the day in the office and i have to manually 'read' up to 100 emails from the phone to stop them showing as unread. The other thing is... where are all my email folders?? The iPhone listed all my folders as per the server but i get nothing on the BB. The phone will not reconcile email manually either. [if i understand reconcile properly, it means that the phone will mirror my inbox when actioned??]

    Am I to understand that to enable these simple (and standard on most phones) set of features i have to pay for BES and an MS Exchange account on top of my monthly bill? If this is the case, it'll be going straight back to the shop for something else. Shame as i quite like the phone otherwise.

    Any help appreciated

    By the way, i'm on Vodafone and have BIS
    02-21-13 03:36 AM
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    you have to set your email on the phone to delete emails when you delete them from the phone. If your inbox fills too much it can't sync properly with your phone. I usually once a few weeks have to login to my email accounts and delete spam as well as trash bin, and unwanted/read emails. If your inbox has too many items the phone will take sometime to sync. login to your email accounts on your computer and empty trash and junk/spam box the resync should work fine. That happened to me till i started emptying junk folder and trash.

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    02-21-13 04:51 AM

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