1. rht4162's Avatar
    hey guys im new to blackberrys and got my first bold the other day, i woke up this morning and it told me the application memory was low or something, i went to check and it said application memory was like 2.3 but the device memory is 850+ do i have to turn on or enable mass storage or something? any explanation help or advice is greatly appreciated.
    06-13-09 09:32 AM
  2. ipos's Avatar
    perhaps u forgot to close a app properly
    next time if the memory low msg appears again, do a batt pull
    06-13-09 09:42 AM
  3. bt224's Avatar
    The 850 (Mass Storage) is for files, not applications. It has no effect on your issue. As ipos says, most likely an app was left running. Be sure to close them from their menus.
    06-13-09 09:50 AM
  4. rht4162's Avatar
    perhaps u forgot to close a app properly
    next time if the memory low msg appears again, do a batt pull
    i closed a bunch but to no avail, i did to the batt pull and it went right back up to 35.8 so thanks for that info. now every app i use wont automatically end if i just go to the home screen i have to hit the close option?
    06-13-09 01:48 PM
  5. sdmcwilliams's Avatar
    You have to close them or they will still be running in the background. That will eat up your memory very quickly.

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    06-13-09 02:08 PM
  6. fabuloso's Avatar
    Messengers are the memory whores, if you have them all installed, it lags your Bold like molasses. Close them, or exit them when not in use. If you barely use any, remove them.
    06-13-09 02:21 PM
  7. rht4162's Avatar
    ook cool, how about if i leave the wifi on, does that effect it as well?
    06-13-09 02:26 PM
  8. fabuloso's Avatar
    Wifi doesnt effect the performance of your phone as that is a network setting.
    06-13-09 02:27 PM
  9. rht4162's Avatar
    ook thanks, seems as the day goes on the memory is creeping down, maybe because im watching it. will it go back up? or do i have to one of those hard reboots?
    06-13-09 02:31 PM
  10. fabuloso's Avatar
    it really depends on your applications. What apps do you have on your Phone? Mind posting them?
    06-13-09 02:33 PM
  11. rht4162's Avatar
    the basic one that it comes with, 3 emails, yahoo blackberry and my student one. pandora radio, facebook, bank of america, blackberry app world. but other than that alll the stock ones
    06-13-09 02:35 PM
  12. rht4162's Avatar
    and the profile is on loud
    06-13-09 02:37 PM
  13. ak29's Avatar
    and the profile is on loud
    What os do you have on it? You might want to update it to .266 I noticed a difference in memory and performance one I updated it.
    06-13-09 03:09 PM
  14. rht4162's Avatar
    i assume its on the latest since i just picked it up, is there a way to check what im running on it now?
    06-13-09 09:41 PM
  15. ipos's Avatar
    go to options->about
    06-13-09 10:06 PM
  16. bt224's Avatar
    Your issue is not your OS.
    06-13-09 10:08 PM
  17. JBobH's Avatar
    To check OS version select Options>About. Bought my Bold on May 22 and at&t had released a new official OS update a week before. I wouldn't assume your device has the latest OS. These things are in the pipeline a while before they hit the store.
    06-13-09 10:10 PM
  18. rht4162's Avatar
    ok its running v4.6.0.167 (platform is there a way to wirelessly update?
    06-13-09 10:12 PM
  19. bt224's Avatar
    I'm not saying that upgrading is bad, however if you get down to under 10MB, even on the stock OS, you have another issue. Something is consuming and not releasing your memory. I would suggest you resolve the first issue.
    06-13-09 10:13 PM
  20. rht4162's Avatar
    it seems to be hovering at a constant 20.8, i have the option to do wireless upgrade under my advaced options, would that be adviseD?
    06-13-09 10:17 PM