1. CorruptedBerry's Avatar
    I completely discovered this by luck today.

    I love the app switcher popup and use it a lot (via hold alt while hitting return key) till I upgraded to yesterday and noticed that if I single press either shift or alt and then menu, it will bring up app switcher popup and hover there while I scroll left/right till I select the app I want to go to.

    I know that its a addition since it did not work on my friend's previous versions.

    Its great because I found it a nuisance that I needed to use 2 hands to switch apps, now a simple flick @ alt followed by a poke @ menu brings up the handy switcher.
    07-28-09 04:00 PM
  2. pbflash's Avatar
    You should also be able to get it by holding down the menu key for a second or 2.
    07-28-09 04:31 PM
  3. CorruptedBerry's Avatar
    wow great! thanks a lot. Even better.
    07-28-09 04:32 PM
  4. CorruptedBerry's Avatar
    but too bad the method I mention initially takes you out or back 1 menu item before giving you the pop up menu.
    So if you were in downloads folder in menu or in applications folder, pressing alt or shift followed by menu takes you back out to menu which is unnecessary.
    07-28-09 04:33 PM
  5. digitalb0y's Avatar
    Yeah, it's all about the press-and-hold menu button. I totally take it for granted these days but good lord is it ever infuriating when I have to switch to my wife's Curve to help her update it or something. You should see me fumbling for the Alt+Esc combo on that tiny keyboard. I can't believe that phone used to be mine! Blech!

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    07-28-09 05:07 PM