1. CoreyGmaN's Avatar
    I just got notified of a new update from Verizon.

    Update is 7.1 Bundle 2123(V7.1.0.755, Platform

    Here is a screen shot

    New OS Update from Verizon for 9930  - 7.1 Bundle 2123(V7.1.0.755, Platform
    11-16-12 11:40 PM
  2. CoreyGmaN's Avatar
    Verizon Wireless and BlackBerry encourage you to download this update.

    Link: http://vzw.smithmicro.com/blackberry...s/bold9930.pdf

    Device Features
    + Push to Talk updates automatically.
    + “Network Extender” icon shows on Home Screen when connected to a Verizon network Extender.
    + NFC Secure Key support allows you to effectively lock and wipe the Secure Element on Near Field Communication (NFC) devices.
    + Improved battery life with Battery Saving Mode.
    + Wirelessly share media with Wireless Media Server.
    + BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing support is now available.
    + Improved performance of the Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) application.
    + Increased device stability while making and receiving Push to Talk calls.
    + Improvements to VZ Navigator« app while roaming.
    + Enhancements for GPS to add more accuracy to location information.
    + Improvements for VOIP applications.
    + Improved battery life while using Wi-Fi.
    + Improved in quality of audio calls.
    + Implemented a new version of the Amazon Music Store version that has improved connectivity and reliability.
    + Modify code to allow VoIP to use media recording path and avoid loss of audio.
    + If your smartphone has BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), improvements have been made to ensure proper delivery of emails.

    For step-by-step instructions on how to perform the download, please visit www.verizonwireless.com/bold9930support

    BlackBerry Bold 9930
    11-16-12 11:45 PM
  3. anon(4166778)'s Avatar
    It's also an update for the Torch 9850 and I'm sure other cdma devices..
    11-16-12 11:46 PM
  4. CoreyGmaN's Avatar
    I would assume the change log is about the same for each.
    11-17-12 12:07 AM
  5. anon(4166778)'s Avatar
    I noticed it says "Remove" instead of "Delete" when things are being deleted/removed in this OS It asks "Delete item?" and then the choice to "Remove" or "Cancel." Not to big of a change, just something that caught my eye.
    11-23-12 12:14 AM
  6. pr1nce's Avatar is solid. Good upgrade.
    11-23-12 11:03 AM
  7. bulbusaurus's Avatar
    hello! im from manila,philippines and i think my 9930 came from the US ┤cause it says verizon wireless and it is asking me download 7.1 bundle 2123...can somebody pls help me to do this step by step...
    or should i follow the updates on my local carrier???
    pls i need ur help on this badly
    Last edited by bulbusaurus; 05-18-13 at 02:41 PM. Reason: spelling
    05-18-13 02:26 PM
  8. ep1's Avatar
    do you have a link to download it
    05-18-13 04:23 PM
  9. bulbusaurus's Avatar
    hi ep1...
    the notification is on my phone, i tried doing it over the air (OTA) but ive experienced what others are experiencing too, freezing to 9% in the social feeds, i had a lot of battery pulls to revive my bb9930...
    i tried doing it on the pc but it also freezes on the back up data screen...
    unfortunately, i dont have the links anymore...
    i got so frustrated i deleted it...

    is it really important to upgrade?
    they should make it easier to do it...
    Last edited by bulbusaurus; 05-19-13 at 01:39 PM. Reason: spelling
    05-19-13 01:39 PM

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