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    Hey guys, just got my new Bold 9900 delivered today. Put the battery in, and connected up the USB cable, the red LED light comes on for a second, and then all I see is a battery icon in the middle of the screen with a red cross and an egg timer! Have tried removing the battery and putting back in, leaving it plugged in for a couple of hours, no use, it simply won't boot up
    Anyone else had this problem and managed to resolve it? Or are we looking at a duff battery/phone here?

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    10-05-11 04:19 AM
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    If it were me I would send the battery back to where you got the phone for a new one. If that does not work, then I would return the phone and request a refund.
    10-05-11 04:52 AM
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    ^^^^^ This. Sounds like a bad battery.

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    10-05-11 05:52 AM
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    hmm, im thinking its a duff battery too.

    Strange thing is, when i connect to my laptop, the phone is recognised in desktop manager, comes up with the PIN, but it doesnt get any further and is unable to connect.

    Getting a new battery sent out for tomorrow, so will try that and if see it makes any difference.
    10-05-11 07:28 AM
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    I have had my BB 9930 for 3 weeks now and last night i put it on charge and then this morning woke up to the hour glass and the red light coming on repeatedly.
    it will conect to the computer for a second and then disconect. the battery has been out and back in but nothing works.
    so is the new BB battery going to cause a recal?
    10-05-11 10:33 AM