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    OK so my issue is this. I have poor cell coverage in the home. I bought a sprint airrave and that will be here next week. this will solve some battery issues.

    I come from an EVO. and am happy with my choice since i needed a global phone option and this fits my everyday needs more so than a droid. the droid has an option to turn off mobile data and use strictly internet whiel keeping the mobile connection active for texts and calls.

    HOW in the world do i set that up with this blackberry 9930? in the mobile network settings I turn Data off and my screen shows my internet acount, but when I try to open FB or the browser i get connection errors.
    my larger concern is this; I set up my ATT uverse 2wire acct in the blackberry. when im hime it shows connected. but when i review connection status it shows not connected.

    WHat in the world am I doing wrong?
    can some one help me?
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    09-03-11 09:43 AM
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    On what carrier are you actually using the device?

    Typically, you would leave data ON and select OFF while roaming.

    Then use WiFi.
    09-03-11 10:04 AM