1. BlackPrince310's Avatar
    I just picked up a Bold 9900 and this is my first ever BlackBerry phone. I rely on Google for my contacts and calendar appointments. How do I import these onto the phone? Thanks!
    08-31-11 01:01 PM
  2. romen95's Avatar
    I think you need to download google syn app search it

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    08-31-11 01:13 PM
  3. dancouver's Avatar
    It will do it for you when you set the phone up. It will ask if you want to sync contacts and calendar at the "set up email accounts" screen.
    08-31-11 01:30 PM
  4. BlackPrince310's Avatar
    Also, when I try to log into Twitter and Facebook it gives me an error instantly after pressing Go. Any reason why its doing this?
    08-31-11 01:38 PM
  5. Karamba's Avatar
    Google sync has a bug that would not let you configure syncing shared calendars. Had to clean up calendar and redo the sync a couple times before all worked.
    08-31-11 01:55 PM