1. Justice_For_All's Avatar

    I'm a new Blackberry user! I just traded in my HTC Hero for my new Bold 9700. I liked my Hero very much but after awhile I realized that I didnt need fifty thousand apps, what I did need was a solid texting phone.

    I bought a used Bell Bold and unlocked so that it could be used on my Telus plan. The unlock code worked and I am able to make calls and send texts. Im not able to get online tho. Facebook, app world... anything with data... doesnt work.

    Whats the issue? Did I miss doing something when I unlocked it? Please help me correct this problem as I would love to get the full use of my phone.

    Thanks for your help!
    06-23-10 04:01 PM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    Did you purchase a Blackberry Data Plan along with your calling Plan???

    Also, did you log into Telus's BIS website and register your PIN, or do that on your phone??? If you did, how about resending your Service Books???

    One other thing... Options > Advanced Options > TCP/IP... these setting you might need to call Telus and ask someone what these should be set to.
    06-23-10 04:16 PM