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    I just got 2 & as a real newbie coming from a very simple phone, I have a situation. In Radio Shack, the salesman "provisioned the phones" with my #s & called his own phone to test that they work, then sent me to pay. I turned them off, (he said battery power was very low on both) & went about my day, got home, turned them on, & called 1 from the other & the home phone on each to test call quality. Also tested by calling line 3 which is still on a very old flip phone. I tested 9650 in Sprint store by calling several people & it sounded fine on both ends. These 9650s both sound like I'm underwater when speaking from 1 to the other - atrociously awful, & when speaking to the home phone are still very hollow. Additionally, 1 of the phones popped up a msg asking if I wanted to transfer phone #s from the sim card to my phone book. I just got the (supposedly) brand new phones, why would phone #s be on the sim card? Wouldn't that indicate use off the Sprint network? I'm upgrading & paying for new phones, not refurbs/ returns. Should I march back in with the phones first thing in the morning & ask for a refund, then try Best Buy or a Sprint store? Or am I mistaken, these would be new phones & the msg indicates something else? Should I expect that call quality will improve when I update the OS to the latest one, which I have no idea how to do as yet, but would probably attempt after charging fully, or is this hollow, echoing sound a function of the units themselves. I know it's not the Sprint network cause have called line 3 of our family plan, which remains on the old phone model & it sounds fine & the new ones don't -- unless (yikes, I hope this isn't it: As I type, a family member is telling me they just saw a msg & chose NO asking whether the phone should automatically choose CDMA or GSM based on availability -- is it possible it's set to GSM & roaming, & that's what's wrong with the call quality? Just what I need, roaming chgs in the house, calling myself!) I'm looking for an icon scratching its head, but don't see one.
    06-28-10 05:13 PM
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    GSM would generally be used outside of the US on a 9650. But, if you had a sim card in another carrier's phone, maybe he moved that to your new phone to retain/copy older info?

    Goto Manage Connections - there you can change to cdma and to save some battery life - change to 1xev and NOT global (which you would use outside of the US).

    Some folks do use these phones on AT&T with sim card but you need an account.

    Call quality - try again with each making sure you have a good signal and well-charged battery. But if unsatisfied, return if you want.
    06-28-10 07:06 PM
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    thank you F2 ! (almost called you Function, but assume you're informal among friends here). Both phones show 1XEV on the right. this is my first phone with a sim card, so no, any sim card in here should be what came with the phone. Salesrep did nothing with my old phones except have me verify they were off before provisioning. He said I'll have to take them into a Sprint store to see whether they can transfer the phonebooks, pics, etc. I hope they can, cause my phones are so old that they didn't come with the ability to backup to the computer. This is why my assumption is either that the phone roamed onto the gsm sim card (assuming it's really unused) OR that they've sold as new, phones that aren't. Is there somewhere on the phone I can view the #s stored on the sim cards, if ours, then that's what it is. If not, then I'll have something to say to them. I am charging now, the batteries each only had 1 bar when purchased, which is why I turned them off till got them home to start charging. I get a good signal almost everywhere in the house, & if I make a call between old & new Sprint phones, stand in spot A with the new phone & it sounds awful & then switch with the older Sprint phone so it's now in spot A & it sounds "normal - that is, great" during the very same call it's not the Sprint signal. I'll take your advice, charge & try again. I'm going to follow your directions to make sure it's set to CDMA only. will I be able to read #s off the sim card if I do this? Eventually, I'll want to turn it so it doesn't affect the battery, but first I want to know whether it's really a bad phone that someone else has already returned...
    06-28-10 07:56 PM
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    For the Sim numbers (I've got the Global Support number which I believe came on the card)... Open the contacts app. Press the BB/Menu button (left of trackball/pad) and scroll down to SIM Phone Book and select it.

    You have to decide about phone quality as for sound. Have you called a landline or a friend and have them judge?
    06-28-10 09:32 PM
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    thank you for the reassurance - sim #s on both are just the 1 global cs #. I've been looking on the bb site tutorial, it shows how to charge but not whether the bars fill, appear on the left. I've gone from flashing orange to green to off in less than 2 hrs & the bars on the left seem to have grown in # but not filled in or colored. Am I charged? Does it make sense to update the os before entering email etc or do the full setup & then update os? I see 3 msgs, 1 generic from Sprint dated April '10, & 2 today, 1 probably while provisioning the phone , time is right, says "BB registration - your handheld has been registered with teh wireless network" & 2nd later today which is identical. the second handset has the same 3 msgs, except that the 2 about registering the handheld both took place while in my house vs during provisioning. Not sure what that's about. I guess I've got my reading up on this site & BB site cut out for me :0
    06-28-10 09:53 PM
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    From the Options app (wrench generally) and select it. Scroll down (or Press S a few times) till you see Status. Select it - it will tell you your battery charge in percentage. The ac adapter works faster than a usb cable for charging.

    Options, ABOUT will show the version of the OS. You might be current for Sprint. But in any event you might want to leave things settle before updating the OS. And if you do, I personally prefer doing it manually on the computer using Desktop Manager. It is generally faster and you can backup your complete data and other phone info YOURSELF (the OS usually also backups up the phone but an extra manual copy only takes up a bit of room). But lots of folks now do the update directly from the phone.

    The FAQs on this site are terrific and so are most of the members. Occasionally, they get testy about repeat questions but we are all new.........
    06-28-10 10:54 PM
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    Thank you. I upgraded to latest os cause phones were so new hadn't done a thing with them except test calls. Improved call quality on both - 1 is now ok, the other (the worse of the 2 before) still not as good as I'd like. when i do take the battery out to do this or change the memory card, is this going to reset the phone?

    I haven't yet figured out how to stop it searching for connection, if it is at all - is there an icon for this? my old phone would beep when it did. this gives no sign, but only 2 bars, & my old phone was always at 5 in the house. I have the default to 1xev. What else should I have set? automatically choose or home only? a few settings seem related, but since the 2 phones are not set the same on these things out of the box, I really can't tell what is "default." What is advisable, I'm in an area with excellent coverage so no reason to roam. also, should I update the towers in some fashion? thank you very much!

    another thing, my battery says it's at 85% but it's flashing red -- if it's not the battery & my signal may not be great but does seem to be there, just lower than expected, what is it?
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    06-30-10 10:38 AM
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    The battery indicator is flashing red or just the led light? If it is the light, than it is an alert of some kind, email. sms, missed call or even some 3rd party apps use the light to signal things like weather alerts.

    I have Automatic and 1XEV. I've not done much movement with the phone so have not really figured out how well it is or is not picking up signals. Too bad I did not get it at the beginning of April when we were driving around the Grand Canyon and other remote locals north of there.

    Removing the battery will reboot the phone (hmm, you know I have not taken the battery out while it is actually powered off but I guess it will reboot since it does keep track of some stuff even while off). You can remove/replace the SD without it rebooting. But then give it time to re-scan the card when it is placed back in.
    06-30-10 01:29 PM
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    thank you - it was msgs. I have seen blue, green, & red, but never the battery low color. I ran the hardware test I found here & it only shows nothing, & those 3. I'm wondering whether the 4th color for battery low just doesn't work. 1 phone definitely has to go back, it is shrieking & howling during calls, with frequent disconnects. the other isn't quite that bad, but I'm not sure it's a keeper, either. the battery (sim card reversed, ZERO apps installed, nothing open at all unless in use, not more than 1 thing open at a time) doesn't last 4 hours after coming off charger (green) fully charged while off overnight.
    07-04-10 03:10 PM