1. bbquincar's Avatar
    Ok as the title says I never had the orginal Bold i thought it was way to big. I waited for the 9700 which i swear in my opinion was the best BB iv ever had. My GF has the 9780 and I also think this is a great phone with a better OS. 9800 was good but my reason for buying was to have OS 6 and fast internet was never a big fan of the slider though. So my question is; for someone who has never had the orgainl bold, do you think the 9900 will be the best sutied phone or should i just wait for the 9790.
    08-12-11 07:58 AM
  2. barrist's Avatar
    If the original Bold seemed too big, then the 9900 will as well. I'd wait until the 9790 if you like the 9700 form factor. I'd say though that the 9900 is right at the minimum of screen size for the touchscreen to be effective imo. Any smaller and I'm not sure how well it would work.
    08-12-11 08:00 AM
  3. bbquincar's Avatar
    cool thanks good to know
    08-12-11 08:07 AM
  4. ibcop's Avatar
    I've had the 9000, the 9700, 9780, and 9800. I have to say I am using the 9000 - I love the form factor and the keyboard. I can type much faster (and better ) with the 9000 than I did with the other devices. I found the keyboards on the 9700, 9780, and 9800 to cramped. But if you like, go with the next version.

    But if you try one on for size, I'm sure you'll find you like it.
    08-12-11 10:04 AM