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    In my seemingly epic quest to locate an app (read: file manager) that will allow me to access network shares, I found two products that appeared really promising:
    • Rove Mobile File Manager
    • PaderSync File Manager

    Both install fine on .266, but they fail to access any network resources either via TCP/IP, BES/MDS, BIS, or WiFi.
    Rove produces two errors depending on which method used to connect:
    1. 'Error while reading from socket'
    2. Or it simply never finishes the 'Fetching server root folder...' Task
    PaderSync gives a more complete error depending on which connection method I use:
    1. Connect failed. Input/Output problem. java.io.IOException: Timed out
    2. Protocol negotiation failed. Protocol error. net.rim.device.cldc.io.ippp.SocketBaseIOException: java.io.IOException: defaulthandernio Connection Handler does not exist.
    First: Is this a device or a BES specific configuration item or limitation?
    Second: Has anyone used either product with success?
    Third: Assuming there may be a problem with the app & its not a device/BES specific problem, hence Rove no longer offering it, is there a product that does work?

    I can confirm that web browsing in general works fine, even when accessing the external inteface of my personal router.
    When on WiFi at home or in the office, or using BES/MDS, I can access our Intranet sites and my internal router landing page.
    Other Internet related services work fine as well (FB, MySpace, AIM, WLM, Y!M, GTalk, GMail etc)

    FYI, I used .93 back when it was released specifically because it claimed to offer the ability to access to [network] shares, but I also had problems with that. Thinking the problem may have been related to our BES OS version, I sought advice on said feature, but never received confirmation. Thats what prompted me to search for a third party app that would do this. Again, I'm very much open to the possibility that its a BB device or BES configuration issue.

    Any suggestions or comments are appreciated and I'm willing to troubleshoot if need be.
    06-15-09 10:08 AM