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    I'm looking to sell my Sprint 9930 because apparently Simple Mobile doesn't accept this phone...only the 9900. So im forced to sell it. Its in pretty much brand new condition, because its been shut off for quite some time lol, so no scratches or anything. Only thing is I dont want to be misleading, so if it's refurbished they should know. I've googled it, some vague answers but nothing concrete. If anybody could provide some kinda help I woul greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys. ps; my apologies if theres a certain thread i should've posted this in. Thanks again crackberry community.
    04-24-13 04:50 AM
  2. DawgMan's Avatar
    I guess first we need to know where did you get it? Did you buy it brand new or used? Was it sent to you as a replacement for a damaged or warranty replacement? What paperwork do you have with the device? Aside from that check with the place you purchased it. If you purchased from a service provider I believe they have to disclose if it's a new or refurbished device

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    04-24-13 07:11 AM
  3. heading4tomorrow's Avatar
    Why worry so much? You are selling it used, not as brand new. So it doesn't matter if it was refurbished or not, you used it, now it is "USED" that overrides any other condition it was in when you bought it. Disclose the actual condition, and problems if you had any, rather than trying to find out if it was refurb or not.
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    04-28-13 08:24 PM

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