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    Hi.. I was experimenting with the Bold a lot last night..

    To get right to the point, after wiping the device with jl_cmdr, and installing the Rogers .125 available for download from their website after playing with other versions, I notice the following:

    vibrate did not work, fonts seemed a bit rougher and jaggy, and I had the wireless upgrade function in the advanced options. (and I think the net was faster too)

    after I restored the 'backup' of the databases, vibrate worked again, fonts were smoother, and I lost the wireless upgrade option.

    I'm really puzzled as to why 'vibrate' is stored in a backup database.. why wouldn't it be part of the clean OS download from Rogers? Why would the WU option disappear, etc.

    I thought it would be ok to just do a completely clean install, and then selectively restore only specific databases, like BB messenger, etc. but it looks like I 'must' restore them all if I want full functionality back?
    09-03-08 08:10 PM