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    What kind of email setup/service do 9900 and Q10 users have that's suitable for a SMALL business start-up (1-2 people) that needs enterprise-level security?

    What are my least expensive options (upfront + monthly cost) for email and calendar service through a blackberry device, EITHER for the older 9900 (OS7) or a newer BB running the new OS?

    The 9900 and Q10 are my only choices I can see, considering how I need one that's reliable, has a touchscreen + non-virtual thumbpad keyboard (and it's not looking like the Z10 will get a keyboard mod out soon enough for me). Device/OS PREFERENCE-wise, I'm really leaning toward the older 9900, though that may change as I come to a clearer understanding of which phone/OS/email solution would be more efficient as a whole (w/ bugs and all) for me at this point.

    All I care about is that I get auto-notification and full 2-way access to all of my email accounts and folders all in one place via IMAP or whatever on my device--with no more than a 15-min delay for new emails to show up on my device.

    btw, I don't currently have a BB acct, just gmail and zoho.com.

    I'm kindof starting from scratch here, as I've never really owned a BB device before (only for a month several yrs ago w/ crappy AT&T), or any smartphone w/ internet access, and it's been a while since I last got online and researched BBs and what they offer service-wise.

    Now after reading that BB's email service for the older BB's is going away (yet people are still using their old 9900's) I'm getting the sense I'm not really understanding this whole situation correctly
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    BlackBerry 10.

    Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.
    06-16-13 09:37 PM
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    I will suggest exchange server, hire some email hosting service. Folders, calendar, task, contacts can be synced with any exchange server compactible device or IMAP supported device.

    So you don’t need to stuck to BlackBerry, One can use iPhone, Android or Windows phone.

    Weakest link in security is human being. Most of email hosting services are reliable.
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    06-17-13 12:33 AM

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