1. normy41's Avatar
    I just got my BB 9700 over the weekend. While playing with it and the icons on it (I think there was about 20), I managed to lose the phone one that is the call log. I can get to it if I switch applications. But I want to put the icon back on the home screen so that I can just click on it. Can anyone tell me how to do it?
    02-08-10 12:19 PM
  2. morales0416's Avatar
    Menu- Show all
    02-08-10 12:20 PM
  3. sandesh_vg's Avatar
    Maybe you accidentally hid it or moved it into another folder. From the home screen, hit the bb key and select show all. You will see all the icons that are hidden. Just scroll over it if it is hidden and hit te bb key and uncheck hide. Also you can just bring up the call log by hitting the green dial key.

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    02-08-10 12:26 PM
  4. normy41's Avatar
    When I choose the show all it only brings back the visual voice mail icon
    02-08-10 12:33 PM
  5. morales0416's Avatar
    Check all your folders like the post above says maybe you accidentally put it in another folder
    02-08-10 12:34 PM
  6. normy41's Avatar
    K here is a stupid questions -- how do I get to all the folders?
    02-08-10 12:41 PM
  7. dragonsamus's Avatar
    If you do show all you should be able to see all your hidden icons. Check all of the folders.

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    02-08-10 02:56 PM