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    Dear all..
    I am facing an strange problem since i got my bold 9900.. when ever my signal strength is low.. my phone switches to another network and Phone goes to SOS.. then after some time is come back to my orginal network or i have to go thru the process of going manula and choose my network.. I even tried on being manual mode but it dos not helps.. My os is 7.0.0 Bundle 1346.. can changing my os help.. becoz i never faced such problem with my torch.. I have read much about changing Os.. How can i change my OS and from where can i find it.. Plz help me.. I dunno much about these.. kindly help.. Thankx..
    01-16-12 12:34 PM
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    upgrade OS, it might help..
    i never have this problem..
    i am in roaming for most of times. still no problem.
    i am 7.1 leak.
    01-16-12 12:36 PM
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    if you want to change your OS, scroll up and hit the BlackBerry Help link, there is all the resources you need within the help section.

    maybe also call your carrier to make sure they arent doing tower maintenance or repair in your area.
    01-16-12 12:39 PM
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    Thankx for the reply.. But i have been facing this problem at home since last 2 months.. since i got my 9900.. i dont face any such problem in my office.. but only at my home which is in low tower area
    01-16-12 01:13 PM
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    I am in India and cant find any OS update on my carrier's site i.e BSNL bharat sanchar nigam limited.. Where can i find it... Any help..
    01-17-12 02:16 AM
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    upgrade OS, it might help..
    i never have this problem..
    i am in roaming for most of times. still no problem.
    i am 7.1 leak.
    Upgrading to a newer OS doesn't help

    Having a similar issue on my 9900. I live in Toronto, Canada and on Rogers network. Just an hour or two ago I noticed my bbm wasn't going thru so I check my signal and it was sitting on SOS. So I turn of network and turn it back on, no use. Tried turning automatic network selection to Manual and after searching for list of network only found Bell and Telus but not Rogers. Also on a side note when I first checked network it was sitting on Telus.

    Now this is maybe the second time I've seen it happen on the same day and at first I was at home and 2nd at work. Just to let you know before hand I have excellent coverage at both places with Rogers on this and other phones.

    I'm on a hybrid of .545 and .580 which is so called the "best and most stable" of them all.

    The only thing that fixes this is a batt pull.
    01-17-12 03:01 AM
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    Thankx malyfsborin88 ... I am sick and tired of battery drain, network changing.. automatic changing of wall papper evry time my phone is turned on..And yess in my case when i do manual search most of the time I find my service provider and can change my network.. But again in few minutes i find it on SOS.. Is there any app which help to Strengthen the signal.. If any such app is available please tell me.. Can changing my os help??? I hope i aint commited a mistake by going for Blackberry instead of I-Phone..
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    01-18-12 12:23 AM
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    buddy switch to only 2G mode and if possible get rid of bsnl and also update your OS to the latest one. search the forum on how upgrade your OS, it will definitely solve problem. Blackberries are great devices but they do not come with good OS in the beginning, they get up to the mark gradually, you will love your 9900 once the software glitches are soughted out after the OS upgrade
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    01-18-12 09:35 AM
  9. Aaryan_25's Avatar
    cooljatt18 Can u please help me with software i should use... Hope i will get some good tips..
    01-20-12 12:57 AM
  10. cooljatt18's Avatar
    update your OS.
    01-20-12 11:16 AM